Animal Lover EP - DTO957

Animal Lover  - (Dog Torrent Oblivion)

Get Naked  - (Dog Torrent Oblivion)

Sure Feels Good  - (Torrent Oblivion)

Animal Lover (Motoring)  - (Dog Torrent Oblivion)



Sleeve notes
Otis Oblivion - Vocals
Rikki Torrent - Guitars
Christian Merciless - Guitars
Will D. Beast - Bass
Recorded at The Slaughter House, Yorks
Produced by Spike and John
Engineered by Colin Richardson
Artwork - Pablo Diablo
Thanks to Jonathan & Angela, Mark, Trev, and HAMC ,Ashfield
Instruments and equipment by Robin Bastard
Cheap beer and sunglasses - Shopways Discount published by Prism Music

Scratch: A - Hot, getting hotter, B - Now we're cooking


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